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Copter Crash: One Body Found in Sebuyau, Hope Finding Survivor Slimmer

Hope of finding survivors from missing helicopter enroute to Kuching from Betong yesterday is getting slimmer. Latest report indicated a…

The top 11 Copter Crashes Involving VIP in Sarawak Since 1989

Since 1989 at least 20 peoples (including VIPs) had perished with only a few miraculously survived helicopter crashes in Sarawak….

Helicopter went missing on the way to Kuching from Betong (Photos)

KUCHING: Six individuals including a deputy minister are believed to be on a helicopter which has gone missing in Sarawak….

Without copters campaigning in rural Sarawak is arduous journey

Campaigning in rural Sarawak is an arduous journey for opposition candidates without helicopters. Visiting longhouses in the sparsely populated rural…

PM pix spotted along Kidurong road despite EC bans

We spotted several Prime Minister Najib and Chief Minister Adenan posters along Kidurong road today. This despite the fact that…

Penang Chief Minister and Selangor Menteri Besar told to leave Sarawak

Banning is probably too much. So Sarawak Immigration Department opted to restrict the visit by a Chief Minister and Menteri…

“Vote for DAP We Have Better Chance against BN” Says DAP Supremo

DAP and PKR are still at odds with each others even on the nomination day of Sarawak 2016 State polls….

Barred from Sarawak DAP Utilize Tech and Social Media to the fullest

Banned from Sarawak, DAP lawmakers from peninsular had to employ technology and social media to help its candidates campaigning in…

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