Widow pregnant after incestuous relationship with biological son?

This is a pretty bizarre story. A widow in Ambon, Indonesia who lost her husband over a decade ago, were forced to raised her only son alone ever since.

That’s the familiar part of the story. However, as the son grows up, turn into a teenager – now said to be around 18 or 19 years – their relationship turns into something more intimate. Continue reading Widow pregnant after incestuous relationship with biological son?

Plane crash landing in South Sudan, miraculously no death

A commercial plane on Monday made a crash landing in poor weather at an airport in South Sudan, causing several injuries among the 43 on board.

“It is miraculous, completely,” said Ateny Wek Ateny, the South Sudanese presidential spokesperson. “There are only minor injuries. There was no single death.”

The incident took place at the airport in Wau, in the nation’s northwest.

Ateny said the pilot overshot the runway, dropping onto an unpaved ground.

[via CNN]

Tons of catfish release into Sarawak River

A video circulating on social media showing thousands of catfish (ikan keli) released into Sarawak River stirring lot of interest and controversies.

Some claimed it was part of a religious ceremony, clueless and resorted to condemning the act – as wasteful.

It was not known what actually transpired as we couldn’t contact the party involved.

However it is believed to be related to a Buddishts release animals (pdf)
custom or fang sheng.

In some Buddhism teaching an act of liberating animals whose destiny would otherwise involve a lifetime of captivity or worse — dinner plate – in the case of this catfish.

Setting animals free is considered an act of compassion that will be rewarded with good karma.

Three Prime Ministers, Two MPs can resolved SMK Ulu Balingian water crisis

Over the last 33-years Malaysia already have three different Prime Ministers – Dr Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and currently Najib Tun Razak.

Within the same period Selangau parliamentary seat had been represented by two different parties – Joseph Mauh Ikeh (BN/Independent) and currently Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun (BN).

Yet, none of them succeeded in resolving the water crisis affecting some 300 boarders at SMK Ulu Balingian. Continue reading Three Prime Ministers, Two MPs can resolved SMK Ulu Balingian water crisis

Mom recorded on video playground swings moving, see no-one about

This is really spooky and happening in broad daylight.

A mother brought her child to a playground at Taman Anggerik, Batu 27, Keningau.

The incident was related by Nurul Ashiekin on her page.

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Upon reaching the playground, her child keep on crying, she felt strange.

She then brought the child back into the car and spotted something strange.

The swing were swinging, yet, terrifyingly, she saw no-one about.